What Is Personal Knowledge Management & How It Can Help You

Knowledge management is a brand new concept that was developed to increase the efficiency of knowledge workers , such as procurement professionals. Personal knowledge management systems (KMS) contains techniques and tools for capturing, classifying storage of information within your professional life. it also enables you to search retrieval share ideas internally or externally with other people who might need them too.

It’s crucial to have all of your information at the same place to be efficient. If you require it to complete a project or task there is everything you need in one spot. Here are some components that can help create this type of environment that allows for smooth workflows and less stress as things don’t fall into the wrong hands due to the lack of clarity on what’s required next.


To be a better learner, you should keep learning all the time. The requirement to constantly improve your knowledge and abilities is becoming more important as new technologies develop. You must take part in conferences and workshops, and also read technical publications in your field of expertise. In addition, you should go through websites offering workshops for training.


Your output is more important than the number of tasks you are able to complete in the period of time. This is what determines efficiency. The ability to be creative can be discovered through the use of tools and methods that are generally used to improve your creative skills like looking up “creative toolkit” on Google or YouTube tutorials on how-to which teach new methods of doing things with just one click.

Information Triage

It is crucial to know how to prioritize and organize the information you are studying. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information available. It’s similar to how an emergency medical nurse feels when she is dealing with patients with different levels and severity of injuries. It will save everyone time by being able recognize the cases that require immediate attention.


Networking doesn’t happen overnight. You must be organized so when you meet someone new, ensure that before you do anything else, ask them questions that are relevant to their field of expertise and listen closely for answers- then note down the details in an easily accessible area such as your spreadsheet or database on your phone (or any other device that works). You will be able to recall who can tell you the information you need without having to remember where the information was first presented.


Before you make any decisions take care to ensure you’re taking in all the information. If there’s anything you’ve learned which doesn’t make sense or isn’t understood You can ask questions! Be specific with open-ended queries that allow the participants to expand on their thoughts without feeling pressured into giving only Yes or No responses. This helps avoid confusion in the future where one person has given more details than the others because they were requested less and thus thinking that someone else could have understood the message better.


For productivity, communication skills are crucial. It’s crucial that you get your ideas across quickly and efficiently and effectively, so good speaking abilities are necessary in addition to writing or PowerPoint presentations that allow you to communicate with others effectively. This concept of a two-way road allows both sides to the discussion to use their toolsets. When necessary, ask questions to avoid misunderstandings.

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