What Are The Visa Types In Saudi Arabia?

It isn’t easy for those looking to visit Saudi Arabia due to all the recent changes to visas. In this article you will learn everything about what kind of visa is needed and how to obtain it by using a port-of-entry form as opposed to entering without having to go through a different type of form like sponsors or guest status. Their passport being valid while inside KSA borders, but not going beyond the borders.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visa for Business/Commercial Use

The most widely used and simple visa type for Saudi Arabia is the commercial/business visa. It permits a person, on behalf of their company or organization as long as they have an invitation from someone there already, to conduct business in the country’s marketplaces. Online applications can be submitted anytime prior to departure. But, you must meet certain criteria. For instance, you must have sufficient funds with one company that will provide funds on demand when you enter the country.

Clients who wish to bring family members to an event need to first register at the door to the event. After that, they will have wait in line while the office does its thing. It could take one month, and other times three! All schedules have been vetted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in town. Invitations will be made available with no surprises or delays. It’s easy to feel satisfied that someone special is going to join you soon.

2. Visit to Work

Remember that one of the main advantages of a business visa is that you will only be compensated by your US employer. This means that you will not receive any direct compensation from Saudi hosts. If this is something that you suspect you’ve done wrong, make sure their request for a visitor’s work permit is in place prior to their arrival over there but remember: it’s still being processed just like all other applications are, so be prepared for some adjustments when dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Visa for Government

The third most popular and simplest visa to work with is the one that is sponsored by the government. This type of permit can be gained through a visit to Saudi Arabian government institutions and their staff at the Embassy in the process of applying. The only thing is that less documents will be required from the applicant to apply for this type of. It typically takes two to three business days to approve the application. It is also not a cost.

4. Visa for Family Visit

A family visit visa can be extremely difficult to get, because it requires documentation to establish your connection with the customer. If you’re visiting grandparents, you will need to have birth certificates and marriage certificates. What’s even more crucial is the established relationship between parents and children. This type of travel document can have massive impact on your spouse.

5. Visa for Residence

The residence visa is designed for those wishing to relocate or move to KSA. This type of immigration paper is issued by the Ministry of Interior and it’s tied directly to the Iqama card, meaning that you require an employment-based visa as well. They’ll send you an invitation in yellow. However, it’s vital to study the whole document.

6. Work Visa

Saudi Arabia has a difficult process of obtaining a work visa. The most difficult visa is one which requires the applicant to be employed by your employer and enjoy benefits. This can only happen in the event that your employer allows direct hiring. Many people need to undergo several recruitment firms before they are assessed to be employed.

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