How Does Web Design Help Improve Your Business?

Mobile First

Developers and designers are creating websites which are geared towards smartphones, since that is where the bulk of their revenues come from. To ensure good UX on these smaller screens, it’s important for developers/designers who work in the field of web design or development to have experience creating them since they are crucial when creating an app-based website which needs special attention given the small space it occupies. This will require fast loading times, as many people go straight onto their smartphones to check email during lunchtime.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

May flowers are awaited by April showers. This is why we are getting more rounded corners as well as brighter hues on web pages. Like form inputs and profile avatars, backgrounds are no longer restricted to 90 degrees. Instead, they can be interesting from different angles. This can help users stay engaged for longer lengths of time. Making sure your website aligns with the latest trends helps to build trust between yourself and potential customers . This allows them not just to purchase from you but to also recommend your products to increase sales by a significant amount.

Additional Animations and Interactions

With the development of web technology like jQuery animated websites are growing in popularity. These scripts can make your site, not just a place to read printed text, but also allow for interactivity between the user and page elements which was previously limited to what you could do with images prior integrated into the global web.

Web sites are becoming increasingly interactive. Transitions on pages, sliding information panels, or even simple animations can be used to make your site appear alive, without reverting to the ugly 1990s style that we are all familiar with so well. The more interaction on your site can bring visitors to sites that earn revenues, which can result in a better per visit value (RPV).


Businesses are increasingly using the HTML5 video tag to protect their websites and keep them operational. There are a variety of platforms that let you host video content and even streaming. This has led many companies to choose to do this better than YouTube and other third-party providers. These tags can allow your company’s videos seamlessly integrated into your website. They also provide you with a an array of player options.

Video Backgrounds

With the rise of video backgrounds, you can utilize their benefits to your advantage. This will improve customer engagement. Video backgrounds can increase conversion rates since they offer more details about the business in a smaller size than traditional pictures. This makes it more convenient for your customers to access videos, even when they do not read a lot of text.

Video backgrounds can be an effective method to boost branding and the amount of visitors that return. This is beneficial for any type of content, such as videos for marketing and eCommerce strategies.

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