Donate Now To The Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. The most severe cholera outbreak that has ever struck the globe has claimed thousands of lives and caused tens of millions of people sick. Hunger strikes continue in Yemen, as people protest against the oppression by government troops. They are accused of launching unrestrained bombardment campaigns to demolish the areas of rebels without considering civilian life or infrastructure areas.

Yemen has 16 million people in constant hunger. The health system in Yemen is essentially broken down due to seven years of conflict. With nowhere else for help other than at home, living or dead COVID19 patients are starving in the sand because medical professionals aren’t able to access their communities; too engaged in fighting each other rather than focussing on saving lives.

The worsening conditions in the country have created a perfect environment to facilitate the transmission of HIV. 4 million people are living in poverty and have no home to call their own. Food prices continue rising and wages remain at a low level. This means that the money is available for essential necessities like drinking water that is safe and health care. That’s why it’ll be nearly impossible to control this pandemic without assistance from abroad. But, we need to act swiftly before it’s too much too late.

The Yemenite people are fighting the spread of Cholera for a long time now, but they are not entirely safe yet. There is a chance to be hopeful due to international organizations like Save The Children America and World Vision UK supporting them along COVID-19.

How can you help Yemeni people by donating money to Welfare Trusts

These welfare trusts are able to provide water and food to millions in an era of immense pain. They also distribute COVID-19 kits to in avoiding infection by this virus which has killed many people in Yemen already.

Welfare trusts in Yemen have worked hard for the benefit of Yemen’s vulnerable population for the past many years. They provide aid to the most vulnerable in the most dire situations, such as those who are unable to get to their destination due to conflicts. This is the reason why the international organizations like them are crucial.

It’s a difficult time for many and we’re grateful we have assistance for people who require it. We hope that by working with local partners and helping people purchase food items and cash, we can help them to end hunger.

The many generous donors who contribute their time and resources to this cause have given women in Yemen an opportunity to regain optimism. A welfare trust maternity hospitals are funded by charitable donations so that all mothers can have their babies safely without putting themselves at risk of suffering from dehydration during labor. Rehabilitation centers provide post-birth treatment that includes providing medications if required along with psychological support prior to mothers returning to the world again.

Many welfare trusts have been offering hygiene kits to families living in camps. They also distribute safe drinking water to schools and hospitals as a response.

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